Knowledge Is Power...
This industry, unfortunately, is full of agents who lack the necessary expertise to convert information into practical knowledge. This is the main reason so many hopeful sellers prefer to study real estate articles online, research area sales history in an effort to educate themselves and will attempt to take the lead when they select an agent to list their property. 

These sellers load up on information in the hope that, at some point, the information becomes practical knowledge. This rarely happens and they roll the dice in hopes that the discount agent they selected can get them the retail price they are demanding. These sellers never bridge the perception gap between listing their home with a contract writer and deciding to utilize the resources of the knowledgeable expert agent.
Knowledgeable and talented agents are prepared to take any and all information available and process it to actionable knowledge almost instantly. These agents have the skill sets and tools necessary to discuss everything from remodeling pricing to a complete market analysis in minutes while standing in their client's home. The technology and information are all there, they just have to be focused into practical and applicable knowledge that can be acted upon by the client.

​Not All Agents Are Created Equal...

​A successful real estate agent knows how to gather the pertinent information and turn this information into actionable knowledge. For example, a homeowner can find the recent sale prices of all the homes in a neighborhood, however, as a consumer they lack the expertise needed to compare these sales and the circumstances around which the sales took place. I, along with everyone else, knows how much a home has sold for, but I dig into each sale to discover all of the mitigating factors that resulted in the home's sales price. I break it down by how many offers each had, I determine whether or not a home that has recently sold was subject to an Inspection/Repair process, was it a cash sale or was there a mortgage obtained that required an appraisal. 

Once I've assimilated this information and put all of the pieces together and established the factual history of other like or similar sales, then we can create a market value for your home. You must gather all of the pertinent information surrounding a transaction in order to determine if it is a reasonable comparable that can be used to assess your home's values, any other way or method is nothing more than guessing. Call me and let me assist you with properly valuing your home and create a marketing program that is unique to your home to insure it stands out!

Market Trends...
The real estate market along the Scenic 30A corridor and along the Emerald Coast as a whole continues to be strong, second home and primary residence inventory continues to trend downward with home prices continue to trend up. With the holiday season coming up, this busy season will likely continue to drive momentum to both of these trends.

Market Condition: Moderate to Strong Seller’s Market. Home Inventory: Trending - Less Inventory.

Condo Sales:Remains Steady. Single Family Homes: Trending Up. Hot Market:  Attached Single Family 3 and 4 Bedroom between $900K and $1.4M. Hot Areas:Seagrove, Promience, Grayton Beach, Miramar Beach & Rosemary

 Mark cowart